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Our Ingredients

Clabber Girl's family of chemical leaveners provides a range of products suited for a variety of applications.

Private Label Opportunities

Private label goods are offered by Clabber Girl in a wide range of products, sizes and packaging.

Clabber Girl Commercial

Clabber Girl has ingredients for manufacturing and foodservice

As a national brand for almost 100 years, Clabber Girl has earned the trust of home cooks and culinary professionals alike. Today our offerings include a wide range of brands through our core baking powder line as well as specialty blends, custom leavening systems, encapsulation systems and our new line of Royal Dessert products.

Our products are now offered in retail, foodservice and industrial sizes. We also provide private label assistance to help you grow your own company brand name.

When you think of the name Clabber Girl, think of heritage, trust, innovation and tradition. Family owned and operated, Clabber Girl puts the same quality and pride into every product, as we have since 1850.