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Royal Pudding

Royal® Pudding and Pie Fillings

Whether you make a luscious cream pie, create a decadent parfait or offer it simply and beautifully in a bowl, Royal® Pudding and Pie Fillings are versatile, tempting desserts that are quick and easy to prepare. Royal®; Puddings are available in a range of flavors—popular chocolate and vanilla to rich favorites pistachio and coconut cream. Sprinkle, layer or stir in fruit, candy pieces or crumbled cookies to create your own signature dessert. A brand known for quality, Royal®; Puddings will always be a delicious, smooth dessert customers love.

Royal Pudding Flavors:

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Kosher Certification for Royal Products


Instant Pudding and Pie filling – chocolate, vanilla, Pistachio, Coconut Cream, Banana Cream – 12/28 oz. bags
Bulk Vanilla Pudding – 1/45 lb. box