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Royal® Brand Products

Some great selling points to remember:

  • Royal Cheesecake, Pudding Mix and Gelatin mixes are 1,2,3 ready - No baking or cooking. You don’t have to be a 5-Star chef nor have special equipment to produce quality dessert in very short time, with little expertise or training. (Our recipe cards are a great start)
  • Each mix offers volume variations (regular, large or half batches) so you can make what you need.
  • Each mix is fine on its own or a little mix and match and you can create a new dessert a day. This is especially beneficial for seasonal and holiday flavors and concepts.
  • Royal Cheesecake and Pudding Mixes take whole milk – adding dairy nutrients such as calcium and vitamins to your creations. Use 2% milk to cut back on calories if your clientele prefers.
  • Because there is no baking, you save time, energy, and have bake and oven rack space as well as stock shelf room for other items in your food service inventory.
  • Easy chill means desserts are ready in a quarter of the time of traditional cheesecakes.
  • Royal Cheesecake Filling is a fraction of the cost of traditional baked cheesecake, meaning higher profits. Trouble-free chill and serve takes the guesswork out of cheesecakes.
  • Ever ready and extra easy cheesecake and pudding fillings offer you diversity of fillings that are super on their own but can be respun with additions such as fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, cookie crumbs and more.
  • Add flavors (extracts, fold in fruit, or liqueurs) and you re-invent the basic cheesecake filling and pudding flavors.
  • Kosher Royal Gelatin offers your kosher consumers a trusted gelatin based dessert.