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Innovative Solutions

Clabber Girl’s preserving, leavening, and dough/batter improving systems have been designed using the InnovaPhase™ process– our proprietary multi-phase encapsulation release system. InnovaPhase™ is superior to traditional encapsulation release systems because the active ingredient being controlled is released during several phases. Unfortunately traditional encapsulates are released ONLY when heat is applied (in the oven). This can be a problem particularly if the heat or baking stage is short.

InnovaFree® with CAL-RISE® from Innophos is ideal for formulating no sodium baked goods while increasing calcium content.

Do you want to see how something so small can bake up big results? Download our product materials and contact us for free product samples, and detailed information on how we can help you enhance your product line with Innovative Solutions from Clabber Girl!