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Sodium Reduction Leavening Solutions

A national initiative to reduce sodium in processed foods is underway. Manufacturers are finding it difficult to reduce sodium in their products while still maintaining the flavor and texture their customers desire. It is essential to maintain the pleasing flavor and familiar texture of the finished product and keep costs low at the same time. The best case scenario is to simply replace one ingredient for another low or no sodium product that maintain's your finished good's quality.

The innovative scientists at Clabber Girl have formulated a new product that does just that, with one added plus. Calcium has been added to our new sodium free baking powder to increase the value of your products to your customers.

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Sodium Free Baking Powder with CAL-RISE® from Innophos, Inc. is a patented, slow-acting, multifunctional baking powder.
Reduced Sodium Baking Powder with CAL-RISE® from Innophos, Inc. is a fully balanced, multifunctional double-acting baking powder.

Clabber Girl's sodium free and low sodium baking powders with CAL-RISE® from Innophos are ideal for formulating lower sodium baked goods. Download Sell Sheet