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leavened dough in the proofing stage

InnovaBake® Ingredient Solutions

Now you can achieve the stability and control over the way your ingredients react in the mixing, proofing and baking stages of your operation. By using a special encapsulation method that allows for controlled release of ingredients, you get the reaction you want, when you want it.

InnovaBake® is an Encapsulated leavening system from the makers of Clabber Girl, America's #1 leading selling brand of baking Powder. With over 100 years experience in the food industry, we understand the need for consistent, high quality results that can impact your finished goods' texture, moisture, and appearance.

Now you can achieve the stability and control over your finished goods that have been previously unattainable! Download our Sell Sheet and contact us to learn how we can help you have the stability and control you need in your manufactured baked products.