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chocolate torte

Dark Chocolate Passover Torte

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When Bakers Cook by Marcy Goldman

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Tortes for Passover - Elegant, Easy and Sure to Please

At Passover, I like to offer plenty of sweet nibbles that tempt the appetite - especially after a big Seder meal. Small chocolate confections, Passover brownies, pretty little squares and my famous Matzoh Buttercrunch figure big in the offerings. But I also like to offer something totally elegant that becomes the dessert table’s focal point. For that, nothing is nicer than a beautiful Passover torte of some sort. It totally makes the special occasion that much more special.

Flour-less of course, so that they are appropriate to Passover’s criterion, Passover tortes are a wonderful balance of cake and pastry. They are flavorful but light since they are largely made with egg whites as the leavener and nuts, whipped chocolate and matzoh meal form the ‘body’ of these extravagances.

In this month’s offerings, I’m happy to share some of my most favorites tortes for Passover. There’s one to please you and yours at this special holiday time.



Dark Chocolate Passover Torte
There are many flour-free Passover cakes but this one is a wondrous decadence of deep chocolate cake with a swirl of softer chocolate inset in it.

Passover Apple Cinnamon Torte
This classic apple cake, done Passover style, becomes a lovely torte that is moist and refreshing.

Orange Chocolate Torte
A light dusting of cocoa is all this torte needs; the timeless appeal of orange and chocolate is irresistible.

Passover Sachertorte
Wonderful fusion of chocolate and black cherry preserves make this a Euro classic, but Passover style.

Hazelnut Walnut Passover Linzertorte
A torte in name only, but in a reality a delicate, pretty jam tart, this classic pastry is a breeze to whip up but innately tasteful and tasty, resplendent with the richness of the two nut combination.