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Cocoa Almond Blossoms

180 1-oz cookies


  • Weight Measure Bakers %
    Sugar 2 lbs 8ozs 65.6
    Non-fat dry milk 1 oz 1.6
    Salt 1/2oz .8
    Baking soda 1/4 oz .4
    Eggs 5ozs 8.2
    Light Corn Syrup 13/4 ozs 2.9
    Water 11/2 ozs 2.5
    Almond Extract 3/4oz 1.2
    Vanilla Extract 1/2oz .8
    Butter, softened 1 lb 6ozs 36.1
    Shortening 1 lb 6ozs 36.1
    All- purpose flour 2 lbs 13ozs 73.8
    Cake flour 1 lb 26.2
    Almonds, fine, diced 1 lb 26.2
    Cocoa, natural unsweetened 8 ozs 13.1
    Blanched almonds, sliced, as needed


Combine first 4 ingredients and blend on low speed using a paddle attachment.

Add next 5 ingredients and blend.

Add next 2 ingredients and blend thoroughly.

Add next 4 ingredients and blend until combined.

Chill dough for an hour or overnight. Roll out on a lightly floured surface until the dough is1/4 in. thick. Cut into desired shapes and brush with diluted egg wash. Place blanched sliced almonds in a flower pattern on top of the cut out cookies. Bake on a lined sheet pan at 350° F for about 13-15 minutes.