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Vintage photo of Herman Hulman and Sons Anton Sr. and Herman Jr.

The Hulman building celebration in 1893

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Our Heritage

Clabber Girl Corporation grew from the original business that was incorporated over 150 years ago. Hulman & Company began in Terre Haute, Indiana in early 1850. Originally a wholesale grocery store, the business expanded into manufacturing with the addition of a storeroom and spice mill behind the store in 1869. The company continued to expand and by 1879 was manufacturing a variety of products, including spices, coffees, and baking powder under many different brand names. By 1899 Clabber brand baking powder was introduced, and today the Clabber Girl brand, as renamed in 1923, is distributed nationwide and to many different countries around the world.

Although the original wholesale business closed its doors in the 1990’s, Clabber Girl Corporation has continued to expand its product lines and now distributes retail, wholesale and industrial size baking powder under many different brand names. The business has expanded its foodservice offerings to include baking powder, baking soda, cornstarch, and the Royal brand products which include cheesecakes, puddings and gelatins. Industrial formulations are designed specifically for the foodservice industry.

As a manufacturer of food products, Clabber Girl continues to address the needs of the food industry by providing the first peanut-free manufacturing facility in the United States.

A family owned business, Clabber Girl’s parent company, Hulman & Company, also owns the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.