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Clabber Girl Museum

Hulman & Company's business interest began in Terre Haute, Indiana in early 1850. Originally a wholesale grocery store, the business was expanded with the addition of a storeroom and spice mill behind the store in 1869.

Through the talents and determination of Herman Hulman in 1879 the company produced a formula for the production of baking powder. The new baking powder products were named "Crystal" and Dauntless". It was Herman's dream to see the new baking powder products well established in sales in the four county area surrounding their principal business location in Indiana. As baking powder ingredients continued to be refined, improved formulas for baking powder were introduced by Hulman under the name "Milk" in 1887. From 1899 to 1923 "Clabber" baking powder was marketed until the formula was perfected and the name changed to "Clabber Girl Baking Powder."

In the 1920's Tony Hulman Jr., Herman's grandson, went on a nationwide campaign to make Clabber Girl a household name. With salesmen in every territory of the United States, he succeeded in making Clabber Girl the #1 selling baking powder in the U.S.

Photos of some the Clabber Girl salesmen with their panel trucks are displayed in the museum. Many of these pictures were donated by past employees or descendants of these employees, who had fond memories of Hulman & Company.

Today Hulman & Company is still a privately owned business and our baking powders are distributed nationally as well as exported to several countries.