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Hot Chocolate Mousse


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You can take Royal® Chocolate Mousse and treat it just like a favorite cup of hot chocolate, including chocolate chips and marshmallow cream.



  • 1 bag Royal Chocolate Mousse Mix
  • 32 oz. milk
  • 6 oz. marshmallow creme
  • 24 oz. chocolate (Chips, Melted)


Prepare chocolate mousse per package directions.  After scraping the bowl the first time, stir in the marshmallow cream and the melted chocolate chips.  Continue with package directions.  Pipe finished mixture into coffee mugs and garnish with whipped topping and cocoa powder if desired.

 * Change the garnishes per season/holiday:

Peppermint candies for Christmas/Winter

Red Cinnamon Hearts for Valentine's Day

Black and Orange Sprinkles for Halloween