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1908 Rumford Cookbook

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A cookbook first published in 1908 by Rumford Chemical Works of Rhode Island, which manufactured baking powder and other chemical preparations.

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June 01 2015
What a joy, what an absolute joy to find this book in print and once more available. This will be gifted to "all" my cooking friends this Christmas. I have the original and it is one of my most special treasures. This book in physical appearance is very near identical to the original. Ah....and the recipes. I may as well tell you right now the absolute best candy recipe in the world is hidden in these pages. You may see "Sea Foam" candy recipe elsewhere but trust me, it is NOT the magical recipe contained in this book. (Note: never make this recipe on high-humidity days: candies don't *make* well in humid conditions.) And the recipes on a "shoestring of ingredients" abound here. One would imagine in the late 1800s and early 1900s when these recipes were prominent, "modern" kitchens weren't loaded with supplies and ingredients as in today's world. Now, don't get me wrong, there's a great variety of recipes in here but there are, as well, a large number of recipes one can create from the bare staples found most anytime in the kitchen. I highly recommend this cookbook to anyone who cooks, is interested in cooking or simply wants an absolute treasure of a cookbook. I am a senior citizen (my original copy of this book passed from my grandmother (1902-1966) to my mother (1918-2004) to me 1955- / Honestly, I would not trade a cookbook in my cooking library for this. HIGHLY recommended!
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