Community Initiatives

Clabber Girl Corporation is committed to serving the community of Terre Haute, Indiana. Through our three tiered program, we proudly give back through volunteering, donation drives, and event sponsorships.

Donation Request Process

Clabber Girl Corporation has established a uniform policy with respect to donations. We are dedicated to serving the community and reviewing all donation requests that are submitted. Please keep in mind that although Clabber Girl is very involved in our community, due to the high volume of requests, we are not always able to contribute to each organization requesting donations. We will contact you to let you know if your request can be fulfilled. Priorities are given to non-profit organizations focused on hunger and wellness education in the local Terre Haute community.

To make a donation request, please download the Clabber Girl Donation Request Form. Please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for a response.

Employee Volunteer Program

Clabber Girl employees are involved in a variety of outside organizations throughout community including Junior Achievement, United Way, and many others. Our Employee Volunteer Program offers Clabber Girl employees an outlet to volunteer their time together as a team. Giving to an organization doesn’t always mean cash donations and time and energy are valuable gifts that we can contribute to the community.

Quarterly Community Drives

Each quarter, Clabber Girl employees gather to receive on company updates and information. During these meetings, employees are encouraged to participate in our Quarterly Community Drive by bringing in items that will help out the organization of choice for that meeting. The organizations chosen each quarter are voted on by the entire company. Together, Clabber Girl employees are making a big impact.