Research & Development

In the world marketplace, consumer tastes are constantly changing and evolving, and the market for baked goods is no exception. Utilizing our talented research and development staff, Clabber Girl has developed a line of industrial products designed to meet the complex challenges of today’s industrial bakeries. These products utilize customized leavening blends and breakthrough encapsulation technology to improve shelf life, increase yield, and reduce costs for high volume baking operations.

Clabber Girl’s research and development team welcomes the opportunity to partner with you to find solutions to your unique product development challenges. By working with our customers to develop specialized formulas and customized systems, Clabber Girl Corporation is ready to be your baking innovation partner.

Meet our Team Leader

Nita Livvix has worked at Clabber Girl Corporation for over 20 years. As the leader of our Research and Development team, she oversees new formulas of our famous Royal® Dessert Mixes, tests our baking powders rigorously to ensure consistent results and comes up with new leavening solutions for our customers’ specific needs. Her team helps to ensure the quality of our Clabber Girl recipes and makes recommendations for new recipes we can include in the future. Nita is a graduate of Kansas State University and a Certified Ingredient Service Provider through The American Institute of Baking. If you have a question for Nita, please feel free to get in touch with the form below!

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