Frozen Dough

Refrigerated and frozen dough and batter products offer convenience to consumers, but getting them to rise perfectly can be difficult. Our research and development team has worked to formulate a frozen leavening system that will help you to product high quality baked goods that consistently rise.

When dough or batter is refrigerated or frozen, there is often a premature leavening reaction due to the moisture in the frozen environment. Using Clabber Girl’s frozen leavening system, the product is protected by a lipid coating. The coating controls and inhibits the chemical reaction until the coating is melted away by the heat of the oven. Because this encapsulation keeps the frozen leavening system intact until heated, bakers don’t have to add more to their formulation in order to get quality results.

Clabber Girl’s Frozen Leavening System Provides:

  • Reliable leavening of frozen batter, even when frozen for weeks or months
  • Increased shelf life
  • Greater control over product quality and consistency
  • Reduced ingredient requirements for greater profitability

Let us show you how to save money and gain greater control over your baking results with Clabber Girl’s frozen leavening system.

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