crepes-using-encapsulated-fumaric-acidAs a commercial baker, you produce fresh baked goods that often require an extended shelf life. Our team at Clabber Girl knows this can be a delicate balance. Fortunately, we have developed a multi-phase encapsulated fumaric acid that will give you quality products with longer shelf life. Fumaric acid is generally used in tortilla applications where a low pH is desired.

Our multi-phase encapsulated fumaric acid is designed to give you greater control over the production process, quality, and cost of your bread and tortilla products. It plays an important role in the quality and shelf life of baked goods such as breads and tortillas because it works to both kick-start leavening during mixing, and regulate pH during baking.

Our encapsulation process ensures that yeast development is not inhibited by the presence of active acid during the proofing process, which decreases the amount of yeast required. Additionally, the controlled release of the fumaric acid during baking lowers the pH at just the right time to improve the performance of the preservative calcium propionate.

Encapsulated Fumaric Acid for Breads:

  • Greater control of rate-of-reaction during proofing and baking.
  • 50% less calcium propionate required.
  • 10% less yeast needed
  • 5 minute reduction in rise time
  • $3.06 estimated ingredient cost savings per 1000 loaves
  • Improved bread shelf life.
  • Ease of use, storage and measurement.
  • Elimination of costly spills or mistakes that often occur with other acidulants.

Encapsulated Fumaric Acid for Tortillas:

  • Greater control during the leavening stage.
  • Enhanced mold inhibition throughout production process.
  • Increased efficiency of preservatives for longer shelf life.
  • Improved tortilla texture and quality.
  • Reduced ingredient requirements for greater profitability.

Let us show you how to save money and gain greater control over your baking results with Clabber Girl Encapsulated Fumaric Acid.