For commercial bakers interested in offering healthy options to meet consumer demand, paring down on ingredients can be a simple and effective solution. Health concerns, off flavors and fluctuating costs often drive the search for alternatives in the baking industry. Accordingly, Clabber Girl has developed a phosphate and aluminum free product that offers a healthy, cost-effective option for manufacturers.

Clabber Girl’s Phos-Free™ Baking Powder is a high quality commercial leavening option that contains no phosphate or aluminum compounds. Additionally, our tests have shown that this balanced baking powder can reduce amount requirements by up to 50% depending on your current formulation, for potential cost savings combined with consistent, high quality results.

These ingredient savings are the result of:

  1. Less filler (corn starch) used in formula.
  2. More active ingredient (baking soda) included – double the amount in “regular” baking powders.
  3. Smaller amounts of stronger acting acids (fumaric and GDL) utilized than in typical phosphate and aluminum based baking powders.

Clabber Girl Phos-Free Baking Powder is a complete baking powder capable of replacing separate component formulas. Additionally, the lower amount of baking powder required can translate into lower shipping and storage costs.