There is one thing that all great pizzas have in common—a great pizza dough. Clabber Girl’s Encapsulated Sodium Bicarbonate’s protective lipid coating creates a barrier that preserves the sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) until it is heated. This allows water to be added to the dough mix without releasing any CO2 gas prematurely.

Our Encapsulated Sodium Bicarbonate is ideal for use in frozen pizza dough as well. When dough is placed in the freezer, premature release of CO2 gas can occur due to moisture in the frozen environment. The lipid coating prevents that chemical reaction from occurring until the dough is in the oven.

Clabber Girl Encapsulated Sodium Bicarbonate provides:

  • Ingredient protection that prevents escape of CO2 gas in pizza dough
  • Reliable leavening of frozen pizza dough, even when frozen for weeks or months.
  • Greater control over product quality and consistency
  • Reduced ingredient requirements for greater profitability.

Our encapsulated pizza leavening system is an optimal solution for producing consistent quality pizza dough, whether fresh or frozen. Let us show you how to save money and gain greater control over your pizza baking results with Clabber Girl Encapsulated Sodium Bicarbonate.

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