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How Can You Ensure Product Consistency?

In the world marketplace, consumer tastes are constantly changing and evolving, and the market for baked goods is no exception. Just consider the rising demand for high-quality, fresh-baked products at retail locations, the exploding popularity of tortillas, and the ever-expanding possibilities for creative recipes that begin with the convenience of frozen doughs and mixes.

No matter where consumer trends lead us, however, there is still one challenge that all producers of baked goods have in common…the quest for quality and consistency.

InnovaBake® Encapsulated Sodium Bicarbonate

Clabber Girl’s InnovaPhase encapsulation process is an ideal way to achieve more predictable results for all your bakery products. One of our InnovaPhase products is InnovaBake, which brings encapsulated sodium bicarbonate to the mix.

Sodium bicarbonate is, of course, a baking essential. It’s what gives so many baked products their characteristic lift and texture. Encapsulation takes this key ingredient to the next level of performance. That’s because encapsulation provides bakers with more control. Essentially, InnovaBake encases the sodium bicarbonate in an insoluble lipid coating that protects the ingredient until it is heated, releasing it at just the right time to provide:

  1. Optimum leavening during mixing and baking
  2. Protection from premature chemical reactions
  3. More effective reaction with preservatives such as calcium propionate

Applications Snapshot

InnovaBake is a versatile product which provides slightly different advantages to bakers depending on the process being used for different products. Here’s a quick look at the advantages of InnovaBake across a spectrum of bakery products:

TortillaPizzaYeast BreadBakeryFrozen DoughSodium FreeGluten Free