There are several challenges to creating the perfect tortilla, especially when taste, texture and longer shelf life are at stake.

Clabber Girl Encapsulated Sodium Bicarbonate helps ensure the quality of your tortillas, even when making tortilla dough in advance. Our innovative encapsulation system creates a barrier that protects the sodium bicarbonate from moisture, delaying the release of CO2 gas until heated. This allows water to be added to your tortilla dough mix without releasing gas prematurely, and without the worry of your end product being compromised.

Manufacturers also understand that pH regulation is a key factor in the tortilla-making process. Acidity levels must be balanced to get just the right texture, quality and preservation levels desired. Clabber Girl Encapsulated Fumaric Acid allows you to maximize the shelf life of your tortillas while saving on the cost of your preservative. Our product is developed to cover all areas of the tortilla process — mixing, pressing, and baking – to lower product pH, enhancing the effectiveness of preservatives like calcium propionate, and improving shelf life.

Clabber Girl’s Encapsulated Ingredients for Tortillas provide:

  • Greater control during the leavening stage.
  • Improved tortilla texture and quality.
  • Reduced ingredient requirements for greater profitability.
  • Enhanced mold inhibition throughout production process.
  • Increased efficiency of preservatives for longer shelf life.

Clabber Girl encapsulated sodium bicarbonate and encapsulated fumaric acid are optimal solutions for producing consistent quality tortillas. Find out how they can help improve your shelf life, and your bottom line.

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