We are Resolved

We Are Resolved

We are resolved to love more fully. To love ourselves, body, mind, and heart. To love our family with time and our patience. To love our friends with compassion and joy. To love our neighbors with mercy and understanding. We will strengthen our resolve with warm whole-grain bread, fresh from the oven. Our muscles will burn as we knead, our minds will puzzle as we mix, our hearts will warm as we create. Age-worn hands will guide small, clumsy hands over bowls of batter and frosting. Stories will be shared with laughter over treasured bites. Spirits will be lifted from the work of our souls and our kitchens.


We are resolved to seek adventure. To take with us the wisdom of our roots and the curiosity of our childhood. New things will be created from old, and we will taste more of life as we push beyond the constraints of what is comfortable and into the big, beautiful world. Putting aside our anxieties, we will delve into flavors and places entirely new to us and discover parts of ourselves we’ve never met before.


We are resolved to make the world better for us being in it.   What gifts we have been given, we will share. It may sting, but our vulnerability will create lasting connections as we share our favorite recipes…and our mistakes. When we can, we will right wrongs. When we cannot, we will learn.


We are resolved to cultivate health. To use our ovens for good, and not evil. The nourishment of carefully-chosen grains and the enjoyment of nature’s candies will fill our lives with pinker cheeks and surprising endurance. Our options for delicious and wholesome foods will grow, and so will we.


We are resolved to acquire new skills. To try and fail until we’ve gotten it right. To giggle hysterically when we look silly, but to not stop working, not stop dancing, not stop stirring. We will reach a potential we could only guess that we had.


We are resolved to laugh more at ourselves. To laugh until our ribs hurt and we struggle to catch our breaths. At our flat singing voices, our flat tires, and our flat cakes.


We are resolved to take nothing for granted, especially when a teaspoon of vanilla goes so far.


We are resolved rise above where we were before, like popovers in a hot oven.


We are resolved to be tough when needed, and tender when it counts the most.


We are resolved…to bake.